Our vision

As the Metaverse concept takes shape, digital art tries to adapt to it. 
Our creations are dedicated to those who are passionate about the sea, sailing and especially luxury yachts.

LuxurYYachtNFT  is a continuous improvement mindset, a mission focused on research and development.

All the models can be used not only on our platform but also in metaverses running on ETH chain.. 

Owners will be able to download the blueprint ready to be delivered to their preferred shipbuilder.

Our yacht offer includes luxurious interiors, 100% walkability, lounge bar, hydromassage pools, piano, gym, PC desk and Disco club.

Wearing the VR visor you can enjoy every space sailing in your favorite seas.

It will be also possible to organize NFT shows and parties on the first deck of all yachts.


In the first collection you will get to enjoy the ultimate luxury inside our yachts, the elegance of our speedboats, the speed of our racers, and the agility of our beautiful watercraft.

Our joy is that we are born in an era when our designs transcend terrestrial boundaries and can exist in more than one dimension at a time. We believe that through blockchain technology we will be able to achieve even the most complex goals. 
We partner with engineers and computer scientists from around the world who help us realize our NFTs and share with you the next generation of digital projects. Are you ready to sail with us? 

That's all we can tell you for the moment stay tuned!

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